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1-Barry Twp.
2-1-Blythe Twp.
2-2-Blythe Twp.
3-1-Branch Twp.
3-2-Branch Twp.
4-1-Butler Twp.
4-2-Butler Twp.
4-3-Butler Twp.
5-1-Cass Twp.
5-2-Cass Twp.
5-3-Cass Twp.
5-4-Cass Twp.
6-Delano Twp.
7-East Brunswick Twp.
8-1-East Norwegian Twp.
8-2-East Norwegian Twp.
8-3-East Norwegian Twp.
9-1-East Union Twp.
9-2-East Union Twp.
10-Eldred Twp.
11-Foster Twp.
12-Frailey Twp.
13-1-Hegins Twp.
13-2-Hegins Twp.
14-Hubley Twp.
15-Kline Twp.
16-Mahanoy Twp.
17-New Castle Twp.
18-North Manheim Twp.
19-1-North Union Twp.
19-2-North Union Twp.
20-1-Norwegian Twp.
20-2-Norwegian Twp.
21-1-Pine Grove Twp.
21-2-Pine Grove Twp.
22-1-Porter Twp.
22-2-Porter Twp.
22-3-Porter Twp.
22-4-Porter Twp.
22-5-Porter Twp.
24-1-Reilly Twp.
24-2-Reilly Twp.
25-1-Rush Twp.
25-2-Rush Twp.

                                      County Fire Districts & Stations
                                          Numbering System for Fire:

00-09-Chiefs                10-19-Engines      20-29-Aerials        30-39-Tankers
40-49-Brush Trucks     50-59-Rescues     60-69-Squads & Personnel Carriers
70-79-Specialty Pieces 80-89-Fire Police 90-99-Junior Officers

26-Ryan Twp.
27-1-Schuylkill Twp.
27-2-Schuylkill Twp.
27-3-Schuylkill Twp.
28-South Manheim Twp.
29-Tremont Twp.
31-Upper Mahantongo Twp.
32-Walker Twp.
33-Washington Twp.
34-1-Wanye Twp.
34-2-Wanye Twp.
35-West Brunswick Twp.
36-1-West Mahanoy Twp.
36-2-West Mahanoy Twp.
36-3-West Mahanoy Twp.
36-4-West Mahanoy Twp.
37-West Penn Twp.
38-1-Ashland Boro
38-2-Ashland Boro
39-Auburn Boro
40-Coaldale Boro
41-1-Cressona Boro
41-2-Cressona Boro
42-Deer Lake Boro
43-1-Frackville Boro
43-2-Frackville Boro
43-3-Frackville Boro
44-1-Gilberton Boro
44-2-Gilberton Boro
45-1-Girardville Boro
45-2-Girardville Boro
46-Gordon Boro
47-Landingville Boro
48-1-Mahanoy City Boro
48-2-Mahanoy City Boro
48-3-Mahanoy City Boro
48-4-Mahanoy City Boro
48-5-Mahanoy City Boro
49-1-McAdoo Boro
49-2-McAdoo Boro
50-Mechanicsville Boro
51-Middleport Boro
52-1-Minersville Boro
52-2-Minersville Boro
52-3-Minersville Boro
52-4-Minersville Boro
52-5-Minersville Boro
53-Mount Carbon Boro
54-New Phila Boro
55-New Ringgold Boro
56-Orwigsburg Boro
57-1-Palo Alto Boro
57-2-Palo Alto Boro
58-1-Pine Grove Boro
58-2-Pine Grove Boro
59-Port Carbon Boro
60-Port Clinton Boro
61-Ringtown Boro
62-1-Saint Clair Boro
62-2-Saint Clair Boro
62-3-Saint Clair Boro
62-4-Saint Clair Boro
62-5-Saint Clair Boro
63-1-Schuylkill Haven Boro
63-2-Schuylkill Haven Boro
63-4-Schuylkill Haven Boro
64-1-Shenandoah Boro
64-2-Shenandoah Boro
64-3-Shenandoah Boro
64-4-Shenandoah Boro
64-5-Shenandoah Boro
65-1-Tamaqua Boro
65-2-Tamaqua Boro
65-3-Tamaqua Boro
65-4-Tamaqua Boro
65-5 Tamaqua Rescue
66-Tower City Boro
67-Tremont Boro
68-10-City of Pottsville
68-20-City of Pottsville
68-30-City of Pottsville
68-40-City of Pottsville
68-50-City of Pottsville
68-60-City of Pottsville
68-70-City of Pottsville
68-80-City of Pottsville

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