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Hi name here is Ed, I've been a ham since 1993 I am very active in our local rescue and our fire company where I grow up . The Pictures you see in the slideshow is of a portable station I put together for when I go camping, just so I had something for in the house and as a go box. The box is a tackle box that contains a Icom 7000 with a CRP-101 simplex repeater controller pictured above the Icom and the other radio is a TYT  TH-9000 220mhz radio. Everything is powered by 2 gel cell batteries. The icoms antennas consist of two military lowband antennas mounted on a tripod to make a dipole, the antennas do well on 6,10,12,15,17 and 20 meters  as well as  ok on 40 meters.I also have the MP1 Super Antenna that does well from 7mhz to 450mhz.  You will also see my portable 2 meter and 70 centimeter beam that is used with the Icom. When at home I connect them to a 120 foot wire for hf and on the tower you see at the bottom is a triband beam  for 2m,6m,and 440 second one up is a 1.25 meter beam and at the top is a 2m stick. I got myself a Icom 51A Dstar radio and a DVAP so now I am hanging out at REFO20A.EF020A

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